Fall in Love

I fall in love with open roads on cloudy days,

trees with their bare branches,


the flight of ravens,


and winter landscapes…


I heard a winter tree in song, It’s leaves were birds one hundred strong, And all at once it ceased to sing … For every leaf had taken wing.-Mervyn Peake

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6 thoughts on “Fall in Love

  1. I love traveling the open roads, I always felt so very free doing that…it always brought a certain inner peace alive, which would fill my heart with a lasting joy! Mari, your words speak softly to me. I pray that spiritual happiness embraces you every moment you open your eyes! Smile for me my sister…you are special!

    1. Thank you. I enjoy getting in my truck and driving with no destination. I am blessed to live out in the country so, there are plenty of country roads to get lost on. 😉 On weekend days when the weather’s good, my kids and I get up before the sun rises and ride around to places we’ve never been. Sometimes, we end up at the beach, a lake, or an animal refuge that is nearby but no matter where we go, it is always a very freeing experience to appreciate nature before the rest of the world wakes up.

      Much love to you, Wendell!!

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