4 thoughts on “It’s Your Road

  1. My evening is made better by your smiling words, I am always inspired by them. I am cooking come collard greens for Christmas, and listening to some beautiful music. Bur the most beautiful gift I have is knowing your spirit…you are never alone. Gods love is always near. My prayers will always reach Gods ears for your life my sister. Just think joy is so alive every time I visit you! Have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your daughter and son and family. There were a couple of Christmas poems I think you will like which I shared this week. Thanks for always being there for me your brother!

    1. There is nothing that makes me feel as fortunate as someone keeping me in their prayers. I can feel that I am in yours and you are always in mine, as well. Each time I write, I think of you and of how you have always, always lifted my spirit with your understanding and your kindness. I truly appreciate that! I will definitely, head over to your place-as I am sure I will love your poems, as I always do anything that you share there!! 😉

  2. Happy New year, may it be wonderfully blessed in so many positive ways! May your days be filled with love, peace, joy and happiness, and a thousand smiles each day. Hugs and blessings to you and your family always Mari!

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