The More We Have

Someone once implied that I will never have more than what I have because I don’t know what I want, or that I don’t know that I should want more.

That thought haunted me for years and convinced me that I’d never have a good life because I just didn’t know how to want more of what everyone else seems to want more of. People wear themselves thin working to get more money to buy more things, and the more things they have, the more things they want to have. It’s like a never ending race!

I still don’t understand the notion of always wanting more things. If anything, I understand it even less as I get older. What I have discovered, however, is that I do want more than what I have; I want more love, more serenity, more simplicity, more meaningful conversations, more compassion, more walks in the park with my dog, more time with my kids, more sunsets and sunrises, and more joy-I want more of all of that for everyone!

But people are so busy purchasing things that they have desensitized themselves from wanting anything that they can’t buy. It’s as though they’ve neglected the part of themselves that wants more than just material belongings so much, that when they are reminded of it, it sort of surprises them to remember that it’s still there. I can tell by the look on their faces when I do something they didn’t expect, or when their rage is met with kind words-or with silence when I can’t find anything nice to say.

There is power in acts of kindness (no matter how small they may be) because kindness connects us with each other and reminds us that we are all in this together! I’ve seen people’s hardened faces transform into a puzzled expression of gratitude at the unexpected kindness of another person. And it’s as if, in that moment, they remember that THAT is what life is all about. Those moments give me hope that someday we will all remember that the important things aren’t always the ones we can see but the ones that make us feel and remind us of who we are underneath everything else that we portray to be.

I want more raw, vulnerable, moments and people to share them with without fearing that we will be perceived as weak, we need so much more of that; All of us! There is immense beauty in a moment of vulnerability, that is why they are so rare. When people take those moments and make them into something to ridicule, it shows not the weakness of the vulnerable but the fear in the heart of the one who fails to see the beauty of someone else’s courage to bare who they are.

I want my children to go out into the world and be able to fearlessly continue being themselves with the knowledge that a person is so much more than what our eyes can see.

We are the things we learn, the emotions that we feel, the things we love, the passion that drives us, the kindness of our actions, and the unspoken promise of unconditional acceptance for those whose love has found its home in us. And when our soul has been set free, the people that we love will still find us in all that made us who we are rather than in the things we owned.


“I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t already know. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.”-Eckhart Tolle

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