The Beauty That Still Remains

People are often surprised, to find out that in our house we do not watch the news or keep up with celebrity gossip. I’ve been asked if I ever feel lost because of it; I don’t.

I get easily overstimulated, so I have to be vigilant about what I give my attention to. Otherwise, I become overwhelmed and start falling back into old destructive behavioral patterns that only deviate me from who I am.

I’ve learned to care about how I feel so that I can remain centered. So, I nitpick what, and whom, I allow into my environment.

I wasn’t always this way. I used to live in a completely different manner. I was a people pleaser who did not set any boundaries and I’d allow just about anyone, and anything, into my environment because I craved approval rather than because they were any good for me. But living that way was exhausting.

My life’s been quite an interesting journey but where I have been, and who I used to be, no longer matter because there isn’t anything that I can do to change the past. What does matter is the present and what I do that is relevant to who I am in this moment.

So, I only give my attention to the things that resonate with me because those are the things that raise my awareness and remind me that there is more to life than this physical existence. As a result, I’ve become more aware and more grateful for everything that forms part of my experience right here, right now.

Gratitude, I have found, is a powerful thing! It has the ability to awaken our senses and we become more receptive of all the things we’d once taken granted. When your heart is filled with gratitude, everything seems magnified. The sky looks bluer, the birds sound chirpier, and the grass looks greener! It’s like seeing through a new set of eyes!

There isn’t anything that I can do to change the world and watching the news would only fill me with worry and anxiety. So, I choose gratitude, instead. And as one of my favorite Ann Frank quotes says “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains” because it reminds me of God’s love for us and of the miracle that this life truly is.



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