It Is Well

It feels as though it’s been forever since I’ve written anything substantial here but that’s alright. I used to feel guilty about not updating my blog regularly and all that did was stress me out, and the less that inspiration would come to me when I did finally find the time to sit at my computer.

Then, I accepted that creativity can’t be forced and that if I stopped pressuring myself to write, eventually the words would come to me. And they have. Except, now I am more cautious as to what I share here because I am practicing compassion towards myself, and towards others. I don’t want to write anything that would entail telling anyone else’s story because of their paths having crossed with mine.

I don’t mind being vulnerable because I find that that is when I learn the most about myself. However, I have grown to be more careful about crossing the line where my story ends and someone else’s begins. Especially, when their part in my story may not have been the most benevolent.

So, until I figure out how to do so, I will continue sharing my story through the photographs that I take because that’s the best I can do for now. I’m a photography novice and I’ve gotten no education on it but I love taking my camera everywhere that I go and shooting the things that I find comfort in, and the faces of the people I love and who love me.

Here is a photograph of my son before his most recent soccer game.

The sky was magnificent that night and it reminded me more than ever that it’s the simple things in life, like sitting at my son’s soccer games, that give meaning to everything I’ve ever been through to get to where I am today because they are a reminder that everything works out just as it should.

Be well, my friends! And thank you kindly you for continuing to follow my journey.


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