Roses From My Mother’s Garden

I’ve always had a terrible weakness for beautiful but sad things.-Sylvain Reynard

Roses from my mother’s garden.

Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend!

One thought on “Roses From My Mother’s Garden

  1. Roses are born to make us smile
    They are truly majestic gems
    Making many moments worthwhile
    As their lasting beauty is planted within

    Whenever we find a need to smile
    We can take time to view our hearts
    And on its walls are the images
    Which when called upon will start

    To lift up our hearts filling us with joy
    Making many smiles this day to stay
    For Roses possess that magic
    Which can always chase sadness away

    I have missed much here on your blog, and my heart
    smiles because you share so much more! You
    always make my day Mari!

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