Things I Love

The early morning breeze on my face reminds me that life is good. So good that sometimes I begin to feel as though I miss the days when it wasn’t so and I wonder “what is wrong with me?”. How can I miss feeling sad?

And I’ve realized that it isn’t so much that I miss feeling sad, it’s that somewhere in the back of my mind I still hold on to a tiny sliver of dread that if I allow myself to truly embrace the goodness that surrounds me right now, I will let some invisible guard down and not be prepared in case that life suddenly becomes not so good anymore.

But I refuse to live that way! So, instead of giving dread a chance, I’ve made it a point to find things that I am grateful for each day and bask in my appreciation of them. And it has made such a difference for me!

Rather than feeling hopeless, and allowing that sense of impeding doom to hover over me-as I always did in the past even in the midst of some of the greatest moments of my life-I am allowing myself to feel grateful; truly and blissfully grateful!

I love the smell of the earth right before it begins to rain, the spring breeze, the touch of the ocean waves on my bare feet, the taste of my mom’s homemade sweet bread, the sound of the birds chirping outside my window at 5 am, and the feeling of being fully alive!

And I feel grateful. So very grateful for this life!

Happy Tuesday, world!

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