God speaks to us so clearly, sometimes, that we mistake it for coincidences. I’ve been meditating often. On my way to work one day, as I was repeating an “I am” mantra and thinking of what it is that I am, I happened to snap this beautiful shot with my phone because I was admiring the gorgeous morning sky.

To my surprise, when I looked at it later, I realized that in the bottom corner of the shot was that cross. I took that as a reminder that I am what God says I am, nothing more, nothing less…


“Home is not some familiar place that you can always return to; it is the rightness you feel, wherever you are, when you know that you are loved.”-Maria Housden

Happy Monday, you guys.

Mari ❤

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mari, the image is wonderful, the thoughts even more so! You seem to have so much on your mind and things which are going on in your life! But even today, what you shared was very meaningful…God loves you, and is reminding you of that all the time. Even sometimes when we might not feel worthy of the love, your value to him no one can estimate, but only his true love can measure how much! I know he does, forgive yourself, and know that no matter what, he will always embrace you with His lasting grace and love…you are priceless to him and others…including your brothers and sisters here.

    Yesterday I thought of you
    wondering if you were okay
    Praying that God would hear,
    that he would chase your
    sadness away

    Missing the joy in the words
    you shared, hoping i might
    feel the joy of life in them again

    Thinking about you my sister
    praying within your heart and
    soul you will begin to breathe again

    You are a valuable gem to me
    which God allowed to come my way
    So I will never depart your friendship
    but will walk with you all the way

    Because there is something
    which we share in common
    God blessed us with his
    awesome love, so that when one
    brother or sister needs a lift
    we will turn and answer their call

    For we are a part of the same
    living vine, we share part of the
    same divine breath, and God
    allows us to always be near
    to chase away another’s sadness
    and or loneliness.

    Smile my sister, as much as I have
    endured the past four months in my
    life, just like you he reaches out to
    me, letting me know He is never far
    away from those he loves.

    May your week be abundantly blessed
    with the happiness which only God
    can bring to refresh your day! Hugs
    blessings to you always!

    Your brother!

    1. Thank you, Wendell!! May your week be filled with blessings too!! What a beautiful poem! You, my friend, are gifted!!! Thank you, thank you for sharing that gift with the rest of us, these words in particular!! 😉 you are a gem!!!

      Blessings to you!!

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