New Endings

Sometimes, or most of the time, the only way to make sense out of things is to live day by day. Not to try to solve anything, or understand it, just ride it out… The best things tend to happen when we do just that.

I woke up on my birthday feeling gloomy. I wanted to feel happy and cheery because, well, my birthday only comes once a year but I was not having happy thoughts. We’ve had some seriously rainy days and it’s especially hard to be cheery on rainy days. The sky was really overcast but as I got on the road to head to work, it cleared up just enough for a rainbow to be visible, a double rainbow at that!

I’m not superstitious and I’ve got no idea what a rainbow symbolizes but on that day, for me, it was a reminder that-unfailingly, and even if we can’t always see them-God never ceases to let the rainbows outlive the storms.


I am doing better, a lot better… But that, too, is scary because better doesn’t always mean stable. As soon as I do feel well enough, I plan on getting back to posting regularly, though, because I miss it, and I miss you guys.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday! I hope that wherever you are, there are rainbows in your sky, too…

“We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending.” -Zig Ziglar


9 thoughts on “New Endings

  1. You wrote something again, beautiful image and a glint of a smile from you! God loves you and is always with you, though sometimes it may not seem that way, he does as you are important and very priceless to him. I sat as I read your words my sister, and i wanted to write something to inspire you…to lift your heart as you have always been important to me. And of course I worry about you. Here is a spiritual hug, and a blessing attached…smile Mari, and when you feel better visit me. I went through a lot in the past 4 months, and yet near the end of July a rainbow shined for me, and I begin to write many many poems. I have been lifted inside, by the Lord, we all go through rough moments and yet he always reminds us how much he loves us.

    There was a time I thought I was falling again
    that i had really turned away from you
    And yet you sent me a beautiful rainbow
    to remind me of your treasured love so true

    I could not help but smile at you Lord
    because I really felt you thought of me
    And everything within me begin to shine
    with my thoughts inside feeling so heavenly

    I know I should have never thought
    You would ever turn away from me
    But I was locked in certain sadness
    and a darkness which had engulfed me

    Yet today I was beautifully reminded
    How much my life really means to you
    For you sent me an awesome spiritual hug
    And I felt my heart and spirit move

    For inside I am again blossoming
    because of the love inside which I feel
    And I am filled with a hearty happiness
    Because I know our relationship is so real.


    This is what I felt your heart spoke through
    your words… that which you wanted to say
    to God….have a beautiful day tomorrow
    always know that you are not alone…hugs my sister!

    1. I honestly could never pay thank you enough for being here for me, Wendell! I am blessed to have you, I really am! Thank you for always lifting my spirit and seeing right through my writing or lack of it. Thank you for those beautiful words, you inspire me!!

      Much love to you!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mari ! I knot it’s late but, in my mind, every day is like a birthday – to be celebrated – because it’s a new opportunity for us to experience life, with all its moments of sadness, happiness, and all in between. What’s a birthday – just another day – a number – not a day or time to dwell upon what you did or didn’t do in the past but another day to experience the wonder of you. Be happy…, because the options to that are just too much effort. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    May your year be filled with blessings! What a great one God gave you! By the way scriptually, a rainbow represents a promise. In the Bible, it was God’s way of telling Noah that the storm was over! May there be many real and metaphoric rainbow in your new year!

    1. Thank you!!! I should have known when I saw this rainbow that it would be a great day! My birthday turned out to be an amazing one. I was given a surprise party and got to spend time with the people I love most!! I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Thank you for interpreting the meaning of such that gift!! 😉


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