Take a Stand

Sometimes, the things we think will make us happy are the very things that stand in the way of it!

And, because of that, God has a way of clearing the way for us!

For that, I am immensely grateful!


4 thoughts on “Take a Stand

  1. I loved this!!!! Did you create a new blog? I love this message!
    I have kept my original blog but I have been kind of hanging out in another one that I created as well so I have not been here as often but I am glad to see you! Thanks for reading and commenting!!!
    May your WAY be clear and your opportunities be many!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are always so encouraging and I could never thank you enough for it, Diane! Yes, this is a new blog! And it is always such a pleasure to know you’ve taken the time to visit! 😉



  2. Hello Mari,
    Have missed you and wondered what ever happened. I saw your comment on Diane’s site and thought I’d leave a note for you. So you have started a new blog with a new purpose. Wonderful ! So great to see you out here again. Come and visit when you have a chance.

    1. Thank you, Paul! I hadn’t been very active on my blog lately. I suddenly found myself in an unexpected state so I’ve taken the saying “the ending of something is always the beginning of something new” to heart and decided to start a new blog! The old one served its purpose and I felt it’s time that I move on to something else! Thank you for taking the time to come by, I look forward to having you here often! I am heading your way right now!! ((:

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